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School Name:    Bagnell High School              School District Number:    #MCUN020

Township:  Twn40N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec16

Latitude:  38.226955 N      Longitude:  -92.600759 W

School Photo

Bagnell School - 1928
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Bagnell School - 5th through 8th Grades - 1928
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Bagnell School - Student Body and Faculty - 1928
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Bagnell School - Circa 1930
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School Information:

Bagnell High School
By Gaylord Strange

The Bagnell High School, which began with the 9th and 10th grades in Bagnell, Mo., the school year of 1938 and 1929, had 10 freshmen and 2 sophomores, who were Adolph Jones and Herbert Kidwell. Thelma Osborn Parrish was the teacher for all grades and subjects in the school. The first two years there were only freshmen and sophomore students, then another grade was added each year for the next two years, so 6 of the original students were able to complete their high school work here; they were Oliver Payne Welch, George Robinson, Johnnie Jones, Bernice Kidwell Wood, Oliver Payne and Gaylord Strange.

The Bagnell High School began with classes being held in the Bagnell Baptist Church Building in the town of Old Bagnell, but school soon outgrew the church building, for with the beginning of construction work on the Bagnell Dam, the enrollment grew quire rapidly, so there was a building erected for the high school. It was still just a one-room building, with a roll up partition to divide it into two rooms when desired. This was still in the town of Bagnell, but the school outgrew this building also, so the school board began making plans for another building. It was decided to move the school to another location and they decided to move it to where the School of the Osage is now located, to get it out of the flood area in which Bagnell is located.

Burl "Bud" Henderson joined the teaching staff in the fall of 1933 while the school was still located in Bagnell. The new building was not completed for use until the fall of 1934.

The graduating class of 1934 which attended the school while it was still in Bagnell held their graduation exercises in the auditorium of the new building which was named as School of the Osage. They began holding classes here with the start of the 1934-35 school year when the school was moved from Bagnell to the School of the Osage.

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