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School Name:    Allen School              School District Number:    #MCUN001

Township:  TwnXXN    Range:  RngXXW    Section:  SecXX

Latitude:  38.xxxxxx N      Longitude:  -92.xxxxxx W

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Allen School Class
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School Information:

By Peggy Smith Hake

The first school constructed near the Iberia community was located about one mile east of Iberia. On 29 January 1870, Elias and Mary (Gardner) Allen, natives of Barren County, Kentucky, sold a half-acre of land to the township board of education of District #3 for the total of $1.00. The school was located on the old Iberia-Dixon Road, also known as the Iberia-Big Piney Road, and it was given the name Allen School in honor of the Allen family who owned the acreage. It was in existence until after the turn of the 20th century.

Some of the early students who attended the Allen school were from the families of Allen, Durham, Clark, Evans, Groff, Irwin, Hughes, Whalen, Cramer, Robertson, Dickerson, and Marchant.

Some of the early teachers listed who taught the old school were:
1874-75 Joseph Allen 1875-76 James S. Martin 1876-79 Marcia O. Smith 1879-80 John W. Waite 1880-82 Marcia O. Smith 1882-83 John B. Tallman 1883-85 Fannie B. Hunt 1885-86 D. W. Baker 1886-87 Mattie Cummins 1887-88 W.(ellington) D. Johnson 1888-89 Nettie Smith 1889-90 P. E. Hayes 1890-91 Nellie M. Harrison 1891-92 Ernest E. Benage 1892-93 Gennie/Jenia Brown 1893-94 W.(illiam) A. Colvin 1894-95 Wm. T. Thompson 1895-96 Ernest E. Benage 1896-97 George Ferguson 1897-98 John Whalen 1898-99 Mary Nelson 1899-1900 Charles Messersmith 1900-01 Josie Evans

After the Allen school was no longer in use, the children of Iberia attended classes in a building that was a 2-story frame structure with four rooms downstairs and one large room upstairs. It had a winding staircase and a large double door measuring 6 ft. by 8 ft. This old building was used for only a few years but was auctioned off in 1913.......After the school was sold, another new school was voted into existence and built but its lifetime was short-lived because it burned after only a short time of use. In 1923, the old brick school (which I attended as a child) was built facing St. Louis Street to the west. It was torn down in the 1950s when Iberia's new R-V School System came into existence.

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