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School Name:    Ginger Ridge School              School District Number:    #094

Township:  Twn41N    Range:  Rng14W    Section:  Sec29

Latitude:  38.270900 N      Longitude:  -92.501900 W

School Photo

Ginger Ridge School Students

Students pictured in this 1900 photo are:

Front: Lester Bowden, John Tracy, Elza Sibert, Willard Bowden, Earl Thompson, Manuel Cotton, Billie Odom, Effie Harris, Rosa Gilmore Rissie Cotton, Magie Meyer, Mattie Harris and Anna Carrender.
Second: Willard Carrender, Elmer Gilmore, Jim Tracy, Charles Gilmore, Lee Kallenbach, Ira Bowden, Ira Clark, Clarence Harbison, Ira Thompson, John Darity, Warren Meyer, John Harbison, Charles Carity, Roy Smith, Jim Allison.
Third: Olie Welhouns, Maud Smith, Sarah Meyer, Ethyl Odom, Mary Meyer, Mary Stepp, Mary Carrender, Jennie DArity and Vertie Sibert. Fourth: Charley Carrender, Edd Harbison, Clyde Bowden, Byron Clark, Herb Carrender, Jim Kallenbach, Oscar Carrender, Walter Wright, Lawrence Meyer, Dan Thompson, Orville Shackleford and Dion Clark, teacher.
Back : Sarah Cotton, Ema Sibert, Rena Hicks, Lizzie Bowden, Chloe Roark, Lucy Stepp, Stella Harbison, Opal Roark, Stella Cotton, Cora Allison, Rainy Shackleford and Grace Roark.

School Information:

School Registers:
Board Minutes: 1949-1950
Teacher's Register: 1941-1947, 1947-1950

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers from 1874 to 1901:

1874-75 Wm. T. Harrison   1887-88 G. W. Akers
1875-76 A. A. F. Tomson   1888-89 Ida E. Johnson
1876-77 Wm. T. Tomson   1889-90 Ida E. Johnson
1877-78 Mary J. Neville   1890-91 Annie E. Cotton
1878-79 Mary L. Johnston   1891-92  
1879-80 N. E. Castor   1892-93 E. E. Allen
1880-81 G. W. Akers   1893-94 Bird E. Moles
1881-82 G. W. Johnston   1894-95 Vonia Harrison
1882-83 Mary J. Neville   1895-96 Jno. L. Gilleland
1883-84 George P. Swanson   1896-97 Jno. L. Gilleland
1884-85 George P. Swanson   1897-98  
1885-86 George W. Akers   1898-99 Lamont Roard
1886-87 Amelia Roland   1899-00 M. I. Roard
      1900-01 Dion Clark

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
Samuel Allen, Wm. S. Cotton, W.T. Harrison, John Kempt, Thomas Martin, Joseph Martin, G.W. Tremain, T.A. Tomson, J.H.D.  Tomson, and William Webb.

Ginger Ridge School was located about five miles northwest of Tuscumbia on a country road. In 1907 it burned down and a concrete structure was erected. The last school taught there was in 1950-51 and Leota Slote was the teacher that year. The district then united with Tuscumbia R-III.

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