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School Name:    Curry School              School District Number:    #084

Township:  Twn38N    Range:  Rng13W    Section:  Sec08

Latitude:  38.042300 N      Longitude:  -92.383500 W

School Photo

 Curry School - 1944
Curry School - 1944

Teacher Zeda Head Wall
1st row: Alice Wall, Marvin Murray, Ora Lee Whittle, Janice Plemmons, Edna Marie Cochran, Gracie Gan, Francis Cochran Joe Warren Alexander
2nd row: Wendel Karr, Verna Lee Keeth, Mary Louise Crozier, Mary Ruth Gan, Virgie Lee Wall, Alfred McDowell, Lowell Karr , Roy Lee Gan
3rd row: Albert Gan, Vivian Duncan, Jr. Plemmons, Jimmy Williams, Don Keeth, Bobby Murray, Don Whittle

School Information:

Date Started:  1835            Date Closed:

School Registers:
Teacher's Register: 1955-1959, 1955-1958

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-75 Millard F. Emry   1889-90 Everett Miller
1875-76 I. B. Walker   1890-91 Everett Martin
1876-77 M. F. Emry   1891-92 Maggie Miller
1877-78 James T. Walker   1892-93 Mary Martin
1878-80 Thomas J. Stanton   1893-94 Jno. R. Martin
1880-81 W. L. Hawkins   1894-95 E. M. Lawson
1881-82 George W. Adams   1895-96 W. A. Colvin
1882-83 William L. Hawkins   1896-97 Chas. O. Short
1883-84 George A. Mace   1897-98  
1884-85 Lucy E. Hawkins   1898-99 Gilbert Watkins
1885-86 Belle Dixon   1899-00 Geo. T. Shelton
1886-87 William L. Hawkins   1900-01 Winfred Haines
1887-89 T. J. Stanton      

Later teachers included:

1944 Zeda Head Wall
1956-58 Vada Hensley

Without any doubt the first school house was raised in this district in 1835.

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
Hester E Brumley, Robert Carter, Wm. M C Dean, Gillum Duncan, Anderson Keeth, Jacob Kirkendall, Silas Luttrell, D M Meredith, Benj. Meredith, R T Shelton, Peter Shelton, A J Shelton, Robert Humphries, and T O Workman.

The school was named for Silas Curry, who migrated to the county from Virginia about 1877. He and his wife, Adeline, settled in southeast Glaize Township, near the Richwoods line. In 1930/31, Curry School was listed as District #84 and the teacher that year was Emery Allee. Many children of the Faith Community attended Curry School over the years which spanned quite a few decades of the 20th century until the consolidation of Iberia's R-5 school closed Curry's doors.

Poem by James Lewis Wall - 1993
Graduated from Curry School - 1942

There's an old school house at the end of the road 
With a rotting and sagging floor. 
The windows are broken, the doors are ajar, 
It's a haven for students no more. 

 Curry School
Curry School
The wall is bare where the blackboard hung And where is the old wood stove? Are the grape vines still growing to the top of the trees Down at the walnut grove? The wooden pegs are still in the wall Where our coats and caps once hung, But where is the bell that sat on the desk That the teacher so vigorously rung? And I remember the old Hickory tree That once housed a family of squirrels. Oh, how many times have I climbed that old tree To show off in front of the girls?
 Curry School Outhouse
Curry outhouse
Remember the privies at the edge of the woods With the path pounded hard by our feet? The craftsmen who made them, should be proud of their work --Especially the two hole seat! And where is the teacher who last closed the door And packed the erasers away? And where is the flag that flew in the breeze Where we pledged allegiance each day? Gone are the giggles of cute little girls With pig tails that hung down their backs. Remember the colorful dresses they wore? Made from their daddy's feed sacks. Our childhood days forever are gone, Our shoulders are stooped and sore, We'll soon join our school mates of old Curry School, --The ones who have gone before. Lets face each day as if it's the last And live by the golden rule. And remember the good times we had as kids When we went to Curry School.
 Curry School
Curry School

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