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School Name:    Madden School              School District Number:    #083

Township:  Twn38N    Range:  Rng13W    Section:  Sec11

Latitude:  38.044800 N      Longitude:  -92.317700 W

School Photo

Madden School House
Madden School House
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Madden School House
Madden School House
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Madden School Class - 1923
Madden School Class - 1923
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Madden School Class - 1925
Madden School Class - 1925
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School Information:

by Peggy Smith Hake

The Madden country school was located in southern Richwoods Township near the Big Tavern creek. The first year of school was taught by Caroline Madden in the 1874/75 school year. Caroline was a daughter of Samuel and Sarah Madden, natives of Virginia. Before coming to Miller County, the Maddens spent sometime in Polk County, Tennessee where most of their children were born. The Madden family came to Miller County from Tennessee before the Civil War and settled in what has been known as the Madden community for many years.

Of the 47 teachers who once taught old Madden school, I believe there are only three who are still living....Ruby Shelton Robertson, Anna Jean Malmberg Strope, and Ruby McCubbin Spearman. On September 22, 1959, the Madden country school was closed and became part of the Iberia R-V Consolidated school district.

The following is a list of teachers who taught Madden school from 1874-1959:
        1874-75  Caroline Madden                1909-11  A. Y.  Johnston
        1875-76  Mary A. Loague                 1911-12  Colmer Glawson
        1876-77  Caroline Madden                1912-13  Rector S. Johnston
        1877-80  John B. Tallman                1913-15  Otis Wright
        1880-81  David D. Greenstreet           1916-17  Dora Tabor
        1881-82  Andrew L. Benage               1917-18  A. Y. Johnston
        1882-84  Lou A. Gott                    1918-19  Ethel Williams
        1884-85  John L. Carroll                1919-21  A. Y. Johnston
        1886-88  George W. Mace                 1921-23  Fred Ambrose
        1888-89  Wm. D. Johnson                 1923-24  Perry T. Wyrick
        1889-90  Edmond F. Madden               1924-25  Frank Mace
        1890-91  George W. Mace                 1925-26  Hilary Pemberton
        1891-92  Edmond F. Madden               1926-27  Virgil Wrinkle
        1892-94  John R. Martin                 1927-28  Ona Ulman
        1894-95  Maggie Miller                  1928-29  Marjorie Mace Hix
        1895-96  Charles O. Short               1929-32  Layard Cross
        1896-97  Maggie Haus                    1932-33  Earl Moore
        1897-98  Edmond F. Madden               1933-36  Ruby Shelton Robertson
        1898-99  Charles O. Short               1936-38  Ruby Robinson Ferguson
        1899-00  Matthew H. Shelton             1938-40  Glenn Casey
        1900-02  Maggie Haus                    1940-41  Vurden Rook
        1902-03  Edmond F. Madden               1941-42  Dale Lee Keeth
        1903-04  Walter Miller                  1942-43  Robert Livingston
        1903-04  Cora Miller                    1943-45  Walter Tabor
        1904-05  LeRoy N. Nichols               1945-47  Imogene Barnett Reimensnider
        1905-06  John U. Stone                  1947-48  Anna Jean Malmberg Strope
        1906-07  Joseph E. Barnett              1948-49  Ruby McCubbin Spearman
        1907-08  Edmond F. Madden               1949-53  Lois Jones Thomson
        1908-09  Omar McCrory                   1953-59  Ruby Robinson Ferguson

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