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School Name:    Atwell School              School District Number:    #081

Township:  Twn38N    Range:  Rng12W    Section:  Sec11

Latitude:  38.038400 N      Longitude:  -92.211000 W

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Atwell School
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Atwell School Class in 1932
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School Information:

Date Started: about 1858        Dated Closed: about 1958-59

School Registers:
Board Minutes:  		1945-47, 1947-1959
Clerk's Register:  	1923-1939, 1939-1944, 1944-1945
Teacher's Register: 	1936-1939, 1954-1956 

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-75	Jas. E. Anderson		1888-89	Marcia O. Smith
1875-76	O. J. Ryther		1889-90	Minnie Baker
1876-77	Jas. J. Dickerson		1890-91	R. S. Reed
1877-79	A. F. Whitaker		1891-93	Hardin Cannon
1879-80	Thomas M. Reynolds		1893-94	V. C. Reed
1880-82	Neppie Reed		1894-97	Vernetta C. Reed
1882-84	V. E. Anderson		1897-98	Bertha M. Allen
1884-85	Rosanna Reed		1898-99	A. A. Decker
1885-87	Lottie Latchem		1899-00	E. K. Humphrey
1887-88	W. F. Anderson		1900-01	A. A. Decker

Later teachers included:

1923-25	Metta Crismon		1942-45	Ellen Baker
1925-26	Margaret Anderson		1945-46	Bill Forbis
1926-27	Lucy Barnett		1947-48	Elizabeth Lee, Gladys Elkins 	
1927-28	Ellen Baker			& Irene Anderson
1932-34	Lelia Hale		1949-53	Dorothy Curry
1934-35	Walter Ferguson		1954-57	Elizabeth Lee
1938-39	Ellen Baker		
1940-42	Dorothy Carroll

By Peggy Smith Hake

The New Iberian newspaper 3 Jun 1981

In 1855, Jonathan Atwell patented land in southeastern Miller County in Section 14, Township 38, Range 12 near the Pulaski County boundary line. Three years later on 27 Dec 1858, Jonathan and Irina/Irena Atwell donated an acre of land to School District No. 2 of Township 38 to be used for a school. The said district house was already built and located in the middle of this one-acre tract in 1858. I believe this was the old Atwell School No. 81 that was in use until well into the 20th century. It is interesting to learn that a school was already built and in use in 1858 on the site. Many children of southeastern Miller County received their education in the old country school.

I do not know for sure how long the school existed but I think perhaps it was still there by the early 1950s. The country schools of southern Miller County consolidated about 1958-59 and students were sent to Iberia and Crocker from this region. During the school year 1957-58, the school was not in use and the students who had attended were being transported to the Johnston School #82 where they were taught by Zeeda Wall of Iberia. Even though the school was not in session, they still maintained a school board who included E. A. Barnett, president; Homer N. Anderson, clerk; Wayne Lee and Bill Forbis, members of the board.

The Miller County Supt. of Schools in 1957-1958 was Carroll J. McCubbin of Iberia.

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