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School Name:    Cross School              School District Number:    #077

Township:  Twn39N    Range:  Rng12W    Section:  Sec27

Latitude:  38.083400 N      Longitude:  -92.238800 W

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Cross School Students - 1920 Click on Photo for larger version

School Information:

Date Started:              Date Closed:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1875-76 John K. Groff   1889-90 D. E. Casey
1876-77 A. L. Benage   1890-91 V. H. Goethe
1877-78 W. W. Gardner   1891-92 D. W. Baker
1878-79 J. O. Ferguson   1892-93 Eva Bear
1879-80 James J. Dickerson   1893-94 Katie Morrow
1880-81 Rebecca Strange   1894-96 W. T. Thompson
1881-82 Cora B. Williams   1896-97 Josie Evans
1882-83 Kate Williams   1897-98 Wm. T. Thompson
1883-84 Delilah Lawson   1898-99 Albert Thompson
1884-86 O. J. Ryther   1899-00 Lillie Johnston
1886-87 Charles T. Smith   1900-01 Edward B. Humphrey
1887-89 D. W. Baker      

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