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School Name:    Reed School              School District Number:    #067

Township:  Twn39N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec14

Latitude:  38.109800 N      Longitude:  -92.533200 W

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School Information:

Date Started:                Date Closed:

School Registers:
Teacher's Register: 1935-1937

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1894-95 Edith E. Perry      
1895-96 Bertha Russell      
1896-97 J. A. Brockman      
1897-99 Dora Bear      
1899-00 Chas. E. Howell      
1900-01 Edward M. Graham      

Later teachers included:

1935-38 Opal L. Carnes      
1938-39 John Shockley      

Resident Taxpayers in 1894:
Wesley Bilyeu, Samuel Brown, William Craft, Geo. W. Curry, David Christian, J.M. Hickman, J.W. Hickman, C.S. Hickman, E.B. Hickman, Silas Hagerman, Alex Hall, G.W. Haddox, Clay Jeffries, Lewis Miller, Wm. McNew, Calvin McNew, Emanuel Lett, Sumner Lett, M.T. ODowd, L.P. Payne, George Phillips, Melvina Phillips, Lazarus Phillips, G.B. Phillips, Isaac Phillips, R.L.Ramsey, Andrew Robinett, George W. Reed, S.M. Robinson, Elizabeth Reed, Sherman Robinett, Robert Robinett, James Robinson, John Winget, and John Wallace.

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