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School Name:    Hickory Point School              School District Number:    #060

Township:  Twn39N    Range:  Rng13W    Section:  Sec08

Latitude:  38.129500 N      Longitude:  -92.375500 W

School Photo

Hickory Point School Class - 1898
Hickory Point School - 1898
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Hickory Point School - 1930's
Hickory Point School - 1930's
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Hickory Point School - 1930's
Hickory Point School - 1930's
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School Information:

Date Started:              Date Closed:

School Registers:

Teacher's Register: 1959-1960

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school from 1874 to 1901:

1874-75 John W. Wait   1888-89 Belle Brown
1875-76 Judson E. Keyes   1889-90 W. A. Colvin
1876-77 S. O. Burks   1890-91 Rosetta Burris
1877-78 John W. Wait   1891-92 J. E. Neeley
1878-79 Neppie Reed   1892-93 G. G. Sullivan
1879-80 D. W. Baker   1893-94 Etta Waite
1880-81 C. F. Hawkins   1894-95 W. A. Colvin
1881-82 C. F. Hawkins   1895-96 Sophia Reed
1882-83 D. W. Conner   1896-97 Hardin Cannon
1883-84 Cynthia F. Hawkins   1897-98 Aulta Adams
1884-85 John W. Waite   1898-99 G. T. Bear
1885-86 M. P. Lewis   1899-00 Annie Bear
1886-87 Cornelia Spearman   1900-01 Gilbert Watkins
1887-88 Lottie Latchem      


By Ethel Waite Livingston

In the year of 1854, on February 24, in compliance with a school law lately passed, several people of Township 39 met in the home of H.P. Gardner and organized the township into two school districts by a line running east and west. Number 2 was Hickory Point, and also what was later to be known as the Keyes District.

Notices were then posted and in April 1854, the first school election was held in Richwoods Township. School terms ran from 1 1/2 to 3 months, taught before cold weather set in. A note states that sickness was often the cause of low attendance.

In 1871 Hickory Point had 77 children between the ages of 5 and 21. In the year 1860, J.B. Watkins deeded to the district land on which to build a school house. The first frame building burned in November, 1932. This term of school was finished in the Hickory Point Baptist Church. A new building was erected on the same location and was used until 1960.

Following are the names of teachers who taught at Hickory Point, as found in what records that have been preserved: Wesley Gover, John W. Waite, Ligde Neeley, Barney Reed, Sophia Reed, William Colvin, Cynthia Spearman, Hardin Cannon, Fred Benage, Anna Bear, George Bear, Martha Bear, John U. Stone, Rosa Barton, Henry Harlin, Gilbert Watkins, Otis Wright, Elmer Barton, Jo Ann Spearman, Grace Johnson, Roy Porter, Genevieve Livingston, Clyde Bilyeu, William Hix, Edna Barton, Clarence Farnham, Grace Livingston, Robert Livingston, Elmer Karr, Mabel Fancher, Jesse Hayes, Ruby Shelton, Curtis Cross, Layard Corss, Fleeta Jarrett, Wayne A., Hazel Martin and Wanda Lee Kelsey.

Probably none of these had more than two years of college, and the majority taught after leaving grade school.

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