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School Name:    Elliott School              School District Number:    #059

Township:  Twn39N    Range:  Rng13W    Section:  Sec11

Latitude:  38.132300 N      Longitude:  -92.319600 W

School Photo

Elliott School - 1905 Click on Photo for larger version

Elliott School - 1932-1933 Click on Photo for larger version

Elliott School - 1960 Click on Photo for larger version

School Information:

Date Started:              Date Closed:

School Registers: Elliott
District Clerk Record: 1908-1932
Teacher's Register: 1908-1911, 1911-1912, 1920, 1957-1959

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1868-69 W. R. Salsman   1885-86 Barney Reed
1869-70     1886-87 D. W. Baker
1870-71 S. O. Burks   1887-88 Barney Reed
1871-72 W. W. Gardner   1888-89 George A. Mace
1872-74 John W. Wait   1889-90 David P. Farnham
1874-75 W. W. Gardner   1890-91 H. T. Alexander
1875-76 J. B. Dickerson   1891-92  
1876-77 John W. Wait   1892-94 W. T. Thompson
1877-78 John M. Elam   1894-95 Hardin Cannon
1878-79 John W. Wait   1895-96 James Bond
1879-80 Penelope Reed   1896-97 Aulta Spearman
1880-81 Mary B. Parsons   1897-98 Walter Morrow
1881-82 John W. Waite   1898-99 Edgar C. Bilyeu
1882-83 Marcia O. Smith   1899-00 W. A. Colvin
1883-84     1900-01 Annie Bear
1884-85 D. W. Baker      

Later teachers included:

1905 John W. Stone
1908-10 Roy Porter
1910 Roy Porter & Nellie Bilyeu
1911 Sadie Aust Glawson & Roy Porter
1912-13 Josie Evan & Lura Setser; Last three weeks of 1912 - W. R. Livingston & Lura Setser
1918-19 W. F. Jones
1920-21 Clarice Livingston
1927 Jessie Farnham
1929-30 Barney & Zae Cross
1930-31 Margaret Anderson & Alice Bishop
1932-33 Curtis Barton & Ruth Clark
1937-38 Willard Humphrey & Ruby Humphrey
1955-56 Edna Jones
1956-57 Fleeta Jarrett
1959-60 Fleeta Jarrett

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
John H. Aust, P.O. Admires, J.F. Barr, John R. Burks, W.B. Burks, John R. Bond, F.H. Bond, L.A. Castleman, J.C. Elliott, S.C. Elliott, J.C. Elliott, James Forester, D. Farnham, Jacob Gardner, William Giffen, D. Jarrett, Able Jarrett, Wincelaus Ponder, Jno. R. Reed, Sely Robinett, W.T. Shelton, M. Shelton, J.A. Setser, C.J. Smith, W.H. Smith, E.L. Short, W. Waite, J. Waite, and J. Shackleford.

Elliott School District sponsored the Jobe School for two years-1929-30 and 1930-31. This was the equivalent of the first 2 years of high school. Students from surrounding districts also attended. Elliott was the only rural school in this area to offer high school courses. Several of the 1931 graduates completed their high school education at Tuscumbia. Iberia did not have a high school at this time.

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