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School Name:    Pisgah School              School District Number:    #053

Township:  Twn40N    Range:  Rng13W    Section:  Sec29

Latitude:  38.194800 °N      Longitude:  -92.394600 °W

School Photo:

Pisgah School 1954-54
Pisgah School 1954-54
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School Information:

Date Started: 1874                Date Closed: 1952

School Registers:
Teacher's Register: 1948-1951

In Osage Township. church services were often held in this school in early days, which may account for the Biblical name. Cf. Pisgah Christian Church. (R.A. Helton)

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-75 Simeon Gard   1889-90 J. P. Wright
1875-76 John F. Hammond   1890-91 H. T. Alexander
1876-77 Martha Cummings   1891-92 G. G. Sullivan
1877-78 Isaiah Latchem   1892-95 Mattie Bacon
1878-79 John Brockman   1895-96 C. T. Burks
1879-80 Perry T. Nixdorf   1896-97 Ada Nixdorf
1880-81 Lucy C. Hawkins   1897-98 John Mathias
1881-82 J. W. Brockman   1898-99 Lillie Stephens
1882-84 Perry T. Nixdorf   1899-00 E. C. Bilyeu
1884-85 Sadie E. Heltzell   1900-01 C. T. Burks
1885-87 Alonzo Reed      
1887-88 D. P. Farnham      
1888-89 Robert L. Reed      

Later Teachers Included:

1947-48 Sue Helton Jarrett      
1948-51 Margie Clark      
1951-52 Ruth Shearrer      

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
James Abbett, Joseph Bigby, Isaac Bilyeu, W.Z. Burton, W.C. Giffin, C.A. Martin, Daniel Pirce, Woolsy Pirce, A.P. Nixdorf, Geo. W. Ramsey, John Roark, John Shockly, Daniel Starke, Henry Thomas, Ganum Wyrick, Michael Wyrick Sr., John Wyrick, and John Workman.

Just One View
by Nellie Groves

A discussion with Bennett and Arlene Helton, November 2018, reminds one of the “Box Dinners” that were prepared “as a fund raiser” by the girls, then fellows would bid on the box. The idea was to decorate a box that would appeal to the boys/men with good food that smelled and looked delicious. More often than not the guys would ramble around prior to the auction attempting to find out what kind of food was in the box and who made it. An auctioneer would then choose a box to hold up for auction and attempt to describe the contents and let the bidder know who prepared the box. The highest bidder would then have the privilege to eat from the box with the girl that prepared it.

As of November 2018, the old Pisgah School building still stands. It has changed in appearance over the years but still gives one pause to reflect on special friendships and acquaintances made during their school time at Pisgah. One Hundred Forty-Four years since the beginning of Pisgah and it’s still providing a service today as a home.

Memories of walking to school introduced me to my first grape vine to smoke, the wood stove, chalkboard hanging on the wall in the front of the “One Room School”, the outhouse used by both sexes, running around playing stink-base and claiming my first boyfriend. Having the sweetest teacher, Margie Clark.

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