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School Name:    Harmony School              School District Number:    #043

Township:  Twn40N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec01

Latitude:  38.251400 N      Longitude:  -92.535500 W

School Photos:

Harmony School Class
Harmony School Class
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Josie Enloe - 1915
Josie Enloe- 1915
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School Information:

Date Started:              Date Closed:

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-77 Wm. W. Conner   1890-92 W. O. Cotten
1877-78 Lafayette Bacon   1892-93 Mattie Williams
1878-79 J. L. Roark   1893-94 G. M. Tinsley
1879-80 Mary L. Roark   1894-95 Ida M. Tomson
1880-81 David McComb   1895-96 O. O. Jenkins
1881-82 Laura Turner   1896-97 Everett Vaughn
1886-88 Ida Johnston   1897-98 Eva Vaughn
1888-89 Kate Swanson   1898-99 Lula Wilson
1889-90 Nannie Anthony   1899-01 Lamont Roark
1890-91 W. A. Cotton      

A brief history of Harmony School was given by Lawrence Admire:
On Feb. 4, 1840, by Miller County Court order, 14 school districts were established, one of them being Harmony No. 10. On Feb. 9, 1910, school districts were renumbered with Harmony No. 43. The school closed after the 1947-48 term and was consolidated with School of the Osage. At that time approximately 30 students were attending classes there. A tax levy of 65c per hundred was levied on the assessed valuation of $43,330 for the 1947 term.

The teacher was paid $160 per month for eight months. Some of the students attended to the janitorial work for $5 per month. At the time the school closed R.R. James was president of the school board and Lyman (Babe) Wood was clerk. Clay Tucker was a past board member. Margie Clark was the last teacher.

A few of the former teachers were: Maude Wright; Ann Heldstab; Mildred Chalmers McMilien; Vera Busick; Pauline Adcock and Emma Blaser Taylor.

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