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School Name:    Capps School              School District Number:    #039

Township:  Twn40N    Range:  Rng13W    Section:  Sec01

Latitude:  38.236400 °N      Longitude:  -92.323000 °W

School Photo

 Original Capps School, 1926-27
Original Capps School, 1926-27

School Information:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1876-77 G. L. Thomson   1892-93 W. A. Lumpkin
1877-79 Samuel F. Berry   1893-94 W. D. Norfleet
1882-84 D. W. Baker   1894-96 Margerie Jackson
1884-86 Matt S. Batson   1896-97 Mary Rowden
1886-89 D. W. Baker   1897-98 G. W. Williams
1889-90 Wm. Hall   1898-99 Margerie Jackson
1890-91 J. E. Harrison   1899-00 Eva Vaughn
1891-92 W. T. Thompson   1900-01 E. C. Bilyeu


The school is located in the southwest corner of section 1 which places it near a main road and also near the town of Capps, which was a population center in the early day, due to a ferry crossing on the Osage River there. It is probably named after the Capps family because Judge Jenkins lists eight resident taxpayers in the district in 1871 and 3 of them are named Capps. This was originally called the Springdale, and also Spring Valley School. According to Bill Barton the original school building was southwest of the present building, across the county road and up on a flat area on the hillside. The old foundation for this building still exists. The present school is still standing and has been occupied as a residence since the district voted to join the St. Elizabeth R-IV district. The property is now owned and occupied by Harold Crider.

In 1951 the voters of the district voted in favor of annexing the district to the St. Elizabeth R-IV district.

The original Capps School was a log building that was constructed in the latter portion of the 19th century.

Once it was known as the Springdale School deriving its name from a spring that was located nearby and used daily by the children for their water supply. The school that now exists was built approximately in the year 1929. Mrs. Susan Pendleton lives in the remodeled school today (1982) which sits just a short distance south of Highway 52 across the highway from the old settlement of Capps Landing. Some of the teachers who have taught in this second school have included Anna Heldstab; Fleeta Jarrett; Ace Tyler; Faye Bond Lamb; Lita Lynn Livingston Keeth; Billie Thompson Setser; and Lillian Coburn. The school was consolidated into the St. Elizabeth School District in the time era of 1948-49. The last teacher to teach at the school was Ms. Lillian Coburn who lives today in Sacramento, California.

Old Capps School, Ruth W Pyles front row white dress

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