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School Name:    Old St. Elizabeth School              School District Number:    #035

Township:  Twn41N    Range:  Rng12W    Section:  Sec17

Latitude:  38.295300 °N      Longitude:  -92.271300 °W

School Photos:

Old St. Elizabeth School
Old St. Elizabeth School
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Old St. Elizabeth School
Old St. Elizabeth School
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School Information:

Date Started: 1885                Date Closed: 1940

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers from 1874 to 1901:

1874-75 Thomas H. Samuels   1889-90 C. J. Horstdaniel
1875-77 Thomas Samuels &   1890-91 Casper Horstdaniel
  Owen Pendleton   1891-92 H. G. Lueckenhoff
1877-79 Lucy Cummings   1892-93 Regina Mueller
1879-80 Ida Kounoldt   1893-94 Maggie Castrop
1880-83 Mary Schepers   1894-96 Stephen Doerhoff
1883-84 Nicholas Schellman   1896-97 J. W. Koester
1884-85 Mary Doerhoff   1897-99 Stephen Doerhoff
1885-87 Hermann Morfeld   1899-01 Katie Dickneite
1887-89 G. H. Bartmann      

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
George Borgmeyer, William Brockerhoff, Jos. Boeckman, Henry Bodecker, Henry Derhoff, Bernard Derhoff, S. Edgeman, David Fancher, John Fulkerson, B.H. Hake, Henry Leibert, Stephen Koester, William Pendleton, Albert Roufly, Andrew Schell, Jerry Waunkem, Fred Winzenreid, and Patrick Whaling.


by Ray Doerhoff

This school building was located in the southern part of section 17 just south of the county road. The school was named after the original town of St. Elizabeth, which was located on the Osage River near the center of section 18. According to Judge Jenkins’ History, William Wetlock constructed a schoolhouse in the district in 1885 for a total cost of $136.07. The district existed before the town was established on the Osage River in 1869 and in these early years it was known as the Flaugher School.

When the Old St. Elizabeth School closed in 1940 the property was purchased by Wm. Twehus Sr. and used as their home. The property still belongs to members of the family but the old school house is no longer in existence. Several vacation trailers now occupy the site.

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