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School Name:    Franklin School              School District Number:    #023

Township:  Twn41N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec08

Latitude:  38.327000 °N      Longitude:  -92.610500 °W

School Photo

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School Information:

Date Started:  1851                 Date Closed:

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-75 James A. Allen   1887-88 W. M. Starling
1875-76 John Elliott   1888-89 George W. Wolfe
1876-77 M. E. Boyce   1889-91 Florence B. Cotton
1877-79 J. A. Allen   1891-92 Elston E. Allen
1879-80 George W. Manning   1892-93 Lucy Raines
1880-81 N. J. Shepherd   1893-94 Elston E. Allen
1881-82 Josephine Russell   1894-95 W. A. Lumpkin
1882-83 R. P. Lamb   1895-96 Dora J. Allen
1883-84 H. R. Popejoy   1896-97 E. F. Brown
1884-85 L. N. Musser   1897-98 E. M. Graham
1885-86 T. G. Russell   1898-99 Dora Allen
1886-87 W. M. Harrison   1899-00 Lucy Rains
      1900-01 Belle Babcoke

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
Bugess Athey, Samuel Allen, J.B. Allen, Richard Boyce, A.J. Armstrong, Eugene Barbien, Elihu Boan, Silas Brickey, William Boan, Thomas Boan, W.G. Bowlin, David Caldwell,William Duncan, W.I. Dundan, James Wadkins, William Wadley, J. Vaughan, Thomas Thompson, Jasper Thompson, Lawson Thacker, Peter Thompson, D.P. Taylor, M.M. Taylor, Ruben Shelton, Rebecca M. Saling, A.M. Russell, June McKay, John Nelson, Mary McCasland, J. McCasland, F.M. McCasland, A.J. McCasland, James Lawrence, T.B. McCasland, Jesse Hull, Lewis Fairchilds, A.C. Foote and Daniel Etter.

The tenth schoolhouse in Miller county was erected on the Andrew McCastland Plantation in 1851. A spring term of school was taught in that year. It was known as the Franklin schoolhouse, from which Franklin township later derived its name. The Congressional Township in which this school was located was organized for school purposes pursuant to the law of 1845, in 1851. The County Court appointed Andrew McCastland, Commissioner; Uriah S. Dooley and Wilson Alley, Inspectors of the common schools in the district. In 1854, John Brockman was appointed Commissioner of School District No. 3 by the County Court.

D. Popejoy and Wilson Allee, Directors of the Franklin school district in 1853, reported to the County Clerk;

“We the undersigned Directors of School Township No. 3 in County aforesaid in conformity with the statute in relation to common schools, do report that the whole number of entire school districts in our township is one, and that the number of entire districts, from which the necessary reports have been received, is one, within the time limited by law, and that from said report the following is a just abstract – (viz)

Districts from which reports have been received   1
Whole time school has been kept   3 months
Length of time kept by approved teacher as  
required by law   3 months
Amount of money received   $27
No. of children taught   39
No. over 5 and under 20 years old   73
Amount paid for teacher's wages in addition to  
Public moneys   $26.00
No. of times school has been made   1

And we the said Directors do further certify and report that the whole amount of money received by the Commissioner of said Township, during the year ending at the date of this report, and since the date of our last preceeding report, is 27 & 12/100 Dollars and Cents of which $23.76/100 were received on the account of the State, $... Dollars on the account of the County, and $3.36/100 on account of Township School moneys; that the said sum has been apportioned and paid to the district from which the necessary reports were received by the directors. That the school books mostly used in our Township are Websters Elementary Spelling book, McGuffie’s Electic readers, Smith and Kirkham’s grammar, Smith and Olney’s Geography, Smith, Smiley, and Ray’s Arithmetic, dated 1st day September, 1853. D. Popejoy, Wilson Allee, Directors.”

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