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School Name:    Hoecker/St. Elizabeth School              School District Number:    #015

Township:  Twn41N    Range:  Rng12W    Section:  Sec06

Latitude:  38.332117 °N      Longitude:  -92.295426 °W

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Date Started:              Date Closed:

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Late 1920s Feraby Slote      
Early 1930s George Thomas      
1937-38 Luke Wetlock      
1938-39 Marie Antoinette Bruce      

by Ray Doerhoff

The school was located near the center of section 6 and between the county road and the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific railroad tracks. This location placed it in the extreme western end of the district, about 3 miles via the county road from the eastern end of the district, and at least 3 ˝ miles from the homes now occupied by Dennis Plassmeyer and John Veasman. This district plus the Old St. Elizabeth district total slightly over 6 sections of land so I am sure that these two districts were originally platted as one district. Big Tavern creek winds through the center of this area and was obviously the reason for splitting the territory into two districts. The school was named after Joe Hoecker who owned the land in that area at the time the railroad was built. Shortly after the railroad was built a town developed there called “Hoecker” with a store , a grain elevator and a stock yard. This enabled people to ship their grain and livestock by rail rather than by steamboat.

Nearly all of the old records from the school are missing but shortly before the school closed Luck Wetlock taught school there in 1937-38 and Marie Antoinette Bruce was the teacher in 1938-39. Feraby Slote was a teacher in the late 1920’s. George Thomas was also a teacher during the early 1930’s.

The schoolhouse was sold after the high school district was formed and it was used as a residence by several different families. It was unoccupied for several years and finally burned.

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