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School Name:    Spring Garden / Sunnyside School              School District Number:    #012

Township:  Twn42N    Range:  Rng14W    Section:  Sec24

Latitude:  38.387302 °N      Longitude:  -92.419240 °W

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 Spring Garden School

School Information:

Date Started:                Date Closed:

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1893-94 Hattie Miller   1897-98 Frank J. Keep
1894-95 Marble Fields   1898-99 Dollie Savage
1895-96 Ida M. Tomson   1899-00 W. M. Simpson
1896-97 Lou Lumpkin   1899-01 Anna Brown

Resident Taxpayers in 1885:
Jno. T. Atkinson, E.A. Becker, E.D. Becker, J.J. Bond, S.W. Belshe, James Belshe, Taylor A. Cartee, Frank Devilbis, George C. Fields, Miss Marble Fields, Thomas Gaither, S.W. Gilleland, Sammy G. Gilleland, Robert H. Gosner, J.G. Hoff, Jasper N. Henley, William R. Henley, C.C. Henley, Mrs. Harriett Johnston, Frank Keep, Herman Kroeger, E.M. Lumpkin, W.S. Lumpkin, R.P. Weaver, A.P. Wadley, J.S. Lumpkin Sr., W.A. Lumpkin, J.S. Lumpkin Jr., G.J. Moore, J.J.Mengers, Mrs. Lizzie Miller, Esom Miller, J.B. Norwood, I.W. Porter, Wm. T. Pitchford, Jonathan Roberts, W. Rosson, Pony Shearrer,Mrs. E.A. Simpson, D.W. Son, H.M. Sutton, W.P. Sullens, E.D. Sullens, Mrs. H. Umstead, John Vanhooser, Henry Vanhooser, and H.B. Vanhooser.

Becker Bro.'s, Frank J. Keep, Wm. T. Pitchford, Pony Shearrer, Mrs. E.A. Simpson, H.B. Vanhooser, Dr. J.B. Norwood, and Dr. Frank Devilbis.

Institute Professors:
Professor G.J. Moore, Professor H.M. Sutton, Professor Jont Roberts, and Professor I.W. Porter.

The first institute of higher learning that brought attention to Spring Garden was the Spring Garden Seminary, a private school for girls only that was established in 1866, using the old Christian Church building in what is now the northwest corner of the cemetery, according to Clyde Lee Jenkins.

In 1868 the community erected a two-story frame schoolhouse in which Prof. William M. Lumpkin taught the first classes and which was incorporated as the Spring Garden Seminary. He was joined by Julia A.H. Colby who came from Springfield to join the faculty, and Edward A. Henry of Mt. Pleasant.

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