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School Name:    Pleasant Hill School              School District Number:    #008

Township:  Twn42N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec34

Latitude:  38.356700 N      Longitude:  -92.565500 W

School Photos:

Pleasant Hill School - 1897
Pleasant Hill School - 1897
87 & 54 Highway
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Pleasant Hill School - 1951-1952
Pleasant Hill School - 1951-1952
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Pleasant Hill School
Pleasant Hill School

Pleasant Hill School
Pleasant Hill School

School Information:

Date Started:                 Date Closed:

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-75 J. H. Vickers   1889-91 Maude Smith
1875-76 J. A. B. Adcock   1891-92 Carrie Evans
1876-77 Henry H. Stark   1892-93 Vona Harrison
1877-78 Sarah J. Knisely & H. B. Roark   1893-94 Berlue Wilson
1878-79 C. C. Ferguson   1894-95 S. G. Gilleland
1879-80 William M. Harrison   1895-96 Jennie Sharples
1880-81 Hiram R. Popejoy   1896-97 G. Hargett
1881-83 Wm. M. Starling   1897-98 Lizzie Cornett
1883-84 L. D. Curty   1898-99 B. H. Curty
1884-85 J. G. Leslie   1899-00 George Oliver
1885-86 W. E. Allen   1900-01 Annie Yows
1886-87 T. G. Russell      
1887-89 H. R. Popejoy      

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
D.H. Austin, Alfred Boan, T.E. Bailey, W.J. Dooley, Samuel Etter, O.B. Furness, S.T. Harrison, Martin Haynes, J.J. Haynes, J.J. Hubble, Henry Hasley, Jesse Hix, Willis Jolly, Luke Joslyn, R.A. Joslyn, S.A. Joslyn, C. Laswell, Smith McWilliams, A.H. Misseldine, E.H. Lacy, C.B. Ordway, C.W. Popejoy, C.H. Lacy, James McClure, E. Smith, Jno. F. Savage, Wm. Schauck, E.L. Schauck, Mary Stanberry, Geo. T. Tracy, Lewis F. Tracy, Judith Tracy, G.W. Thompson, George R. Weeks, and A.E. Whitney.

By Kelly Warman-Stallings
Regional Ancestral Names (For Pleasant Hill):
Abbott, Alexander, Allen, Andrews, Boren, Brown, Desuza, Drace, Duncan, Eaken, Greenwood, Hatton, Johnson, Keeth, Lankford, Law, Lawson, Long, Madden, Manes, Meredith, Moneymaker, Neal, Parkhurst, Pemberton, Reggan, Rowden, Shart, Shelton, Sloan, Stites, Stone, Strutton, Sturdavant, Tabor, Teaverbaugh, Thomas,Thompson, Vaughan, Wall, Wallace, Whittle, Woolery, Wright, Wyrick

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