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School Name:    Manning School / Black Oak Grove              School District Number:    #005

Township:  Twn42N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec08

Latitude:  38.413400 °N      Longitude:  -92.599900 °W

School Photos:

Manning School - 1911
Manning School - 1911
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Manning School - 1913

School Information:

Date Started:                   Date Closed:

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers from 1874 to 1901:

1874-75 J.S.B. Adcock   1890-91 Fred Etter
1875-76 Rebecca Stayton   1891-92 Lewis Allen
1876-77 John Barnard   1892-93 E.C. Shelton
1877-78 G.M. Walker   1893-94 Walter M. Haynes
1878-79 Betty Hollaway   1894-95 Fred Etter
1879-80 I.W. Porter   1895-96 J.A. Adcock
1880-81 J.R. Leslie   1896-97 J.A. Adcock
1881-82 George W. Manning   1897-98 John H. Holts
1882-83 George W. Manning   1898-99 Henry Gunn & Maude Miller
1883-84 C.D. Goodman   1899-00 G.E. Walker & Myrtle Walker
1884-85 Lucy E. Taylor   1900-01 J.R. Edmonson, Henry P. Jones &
1885-86 J.R. Smith     Sadie Colvin
1886-87 H.B. Roark   1930-31 J.R. Denny per (C.D. Snodgrass)
1887-88 W.B. Alexander      
1888-89 P.D. Gunter & Lille Bills      
1889-90 Fred Etter & Lewis Allen      
  Lewis Allen      

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
Geo. C. Adcock, H.T. Coffee, William Taylor, F.J. Adcock, James Colbun, Jos. Walker, J.S. Adcock, W.C. Shockly, James Daniel, Jno. W. Denny, T.B. Denny, Charles Dutcher, Isaac Grandstaff, J.C. Hite, J.D. Hite, William Howell, Lucinda Harvy, Samuel Jones, Smith Manning, T.B. Manning, Riley Wilbern, Wm. Miller, Thomas Oneal, J.T. Parks, J.N. Pipkin, Jno. E. Reynolds, James Shepherd, Thomas Bryant, D.E. Stayton, and Daniel Wingett.

Source under: M - Biographies of Miller County Persons "Marion J. Manning":

Phillip M. Manning was a doctor at Olean in the 1880's; Francis S. Manning was a doctor at Versailles and youngest brother, Albert Manning, was a druggist at Spring Garden during the same years. George W. Manning was an early-day schoolteacher in the northern section of Miller County. In the 1880's there was a school located near the Manning farm and was called by two different names----Black Oak Grove School and Manning School. During the school years 1881-83, George Manning taught this country school.

In 1912 janitors were not hired for the Manning Schoolhouse to do the spring cleaning before the next term of school. It happened while neighbor women did the chore and talked with each other that the idea was conceived to form a social working club.

At the time their husbands had a club of their own called the Farmers’ club. So the wives club would be considered an auxiliary.

On April 26, 1917, seven women met to organize the club and name themselves the Manning Willing Workers.

While the Manning Schoolhouse was available to the club an ice cream supper was held each summer with husbands and families invited. At Christmas time the club has Christmas parties with exchange of secret pal gifts.

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