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School Name:    Olean School              School District Number:    #003

Township:  Twn42N    Range:  Rng15W    Section:  Sec12

Latitude:  38.413680 °N      Longitude:  -92.529633 °W

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School Information:

Date Started: 1885                Date Closed: 1940

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the Olean or Burlingame School District from 1879 to 1901:

1879 Sallie Wilson   1891-92 A. T. Simpson, W. E. Allen &
1879-80 Olive I. Scott     Dollie Atkinson
1880-81 William Starling   1892-93 P. N. Ingraham, Mollie Johnson &
1881-82 Lucy E. Taylor     Carrie Warfield
1882-83 S. S. Starling   1893-94 R. H. Garretson, Anna Burlingame &
1883-84 Viola L. Moore     A. T. Woolridge
1884-85 Olive I. Scott   1894-95 R. H. Garretson, Nellie Holmes &
1885-86 Wm. M. Starling     S. R. Lollis
1886-88 L. M. Defoe & Olive Scott   1895-96 Jennie Gill, P. H. Longdon &
1888-90 J. W. Defoe & Neva Wilson     L. C. Gibson
1890-91 W. E. Allen & Nellie Holmes   1896-97 L. C. Gibson, Jennie M. Gill &
        J. W. Proctor
      1897-98 J. E. Harrison & M. E. Morrison
      1898-00 Mary Payne & M. E. Morrison
      1900-01 W. L. Lowery & M. E. Morrison

Later Teachers Included:

1856-57 Pearl Brewer, Grades 1, 2 & 3      
  Joan Edwards, Grades 4, 5 & 6      
  Mary Wood, Grades 7 & 8      
1959-60 Virginia Adams, Grades 1 & 2      
  Edith Crum, Grades 3, 4 & 5      
  Charles Cox, Grades 6, 7 & 8      
1962-63 Virginia Adams, Grades 1, 2 & 3      
  Almeda Smith, Grades 4, 5 & 6      

Resident Taxpayers in 1879:
John Atkinson, L.D. Atkinson, H.S. Burlingame, Asa Burlingame, John Denton, Josiah Goodman, James M. Gray, Mary B. Guin, Wm. Gilleland, F.M. Hale, John D. Hite, S.W. Lewis, W.C. Hatler, Wm. M. Harrison, O.S. Jones, E.G. Miller, Jas G. Procter, J.E. Procter, Major Stoddard, Almond Scott, S.E. Starling, James A. Starling and S.B. Wilhelm.

John C. Linsenbard


The town of Olean was started in 1882 when the Missouri Pacific Railroad began operating its branch line from Jefferson City to Bagnell. On January 3, 1886, a deed was made for 1 1/2 acres of land on California Street to W.S. Allee, Joseph Gattermeier and Joseph McCain for a public school from Hazen S. Burlingame for $50.

 Olean High School Basketball team - 1913 - Taylor Miller, Coach
Olean High School Basketball team - 1913 - Taylor Miller, Coach

About 1910 High School classes were started; prior to that some of the teachers or area residents did private tutoring on High School level, or students went to other towns for high school credits. A frame building housed the classrooms prior to the construction of a new brick building in 1920.

 Olean School (frame)
Olean School (frame)

February 10, 1921 - The Olean school moved into the new handsome and modern brick building Monday evening. A varied musical program was given of vocal and instrumental numbers. Henry Gattermeier was the principal speaker…The many guests appreciated the special efforts of Allee Gattermeier, who made electric lights possible for this happy occasion. Punch and wafers were served during the evening.


Classes were held at the town hall and various church buildings while the new brick building was under construction. The last high school graduating class was in 1946.

In December, 1964 the Eldon R-1 School Board sold the building and grounds for sealed bids.

 Olean School
Olean School

 7th & 8th Grade Class, Olean School, 1961
7th & 8th Grade Class, Olean School, 1961
This was the last year that the building in Olean was used for school

Front Row, L-R: Dennis Martin, Billy cox, Donnie Martin, Dennis Rand, Eddie Kempker, Bob Bishop, David Jobe.
Second Row: Carol Nelson, Cathy Frank, Gayle Minturn, Mareena Young, Laslee Young, Timon Rains.
Third Row: Marjorie Fischer, Angela Leuthen, Dixie Opie, Donnie Bond, Bob Kehr, James Enowski, Bill Hall, Carolyn Knernschield, Cerita Leuthen.
Back Row: Roger Thorson, Russell Thorson, Kenneth Crouch, Arthur Wood, Dennis Lambeth, Roger Robinett, Ronnie Schuler, Charles Cox (teacher).

 Olean 1918-1919
Olean 1918-1919

 Olean 1913
Olean 1913

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