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School Name:    Bond School              School District Number:    #001

Township:  Twn42N    Range:  Rng14W    Section:  Sec11

Latitude:  38.407270 N      Longitude:  -92.432250 W

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Bond School
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Bond School Students 1
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Bond School Students 2
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School Information:

Date Started:           Dated Closed:

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1875-76	M. J. Manning  	    	     1889-90	  S. B. Johnston
1876-77	J. A. Goodrick		     1890-91	  A. H. S. Jordan
1877-79	James M. Baker      	     1891-92      J. W. Sullens
1879-80	Theodora E. Jordan	     1892-94	  J. M. Baker
1880-81	Theodocia E. Jordan  	     1894-95	  J. Ivy Lumpkin
1881-82	Samuel Starling		     1895-96	  Anna E. Brown
1882-83	O. L. Moore  		     1896-97	  Minne Baker
1883-84	Lou Sullens  	   	     1897-98	  J. M. Norfleet
1884-85	O. L. Moore 		     1898-99	  Kim Hinds
1885-86	J. W. Roark      	     1899-00      Bertha M. Allen
1886-87 Adelaide Moore  	     1900-01      Elisha Brown
1887-89 A. H. S. Jordan

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