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By Gerard Schultz 1933

Lynn Mason Garner was born in Pollock, Sullivan County, Missouri, of Scotch-Irish and German parents. His father is a practicing physician. His mother passed away a few years ago.

Mr. Garner attended grade school in Pollock, Missouri, New York City, Kansas City, Missouri, and Milan, Missouri. He graduated from high school in Milan, Missouri. Then he attended Central College at Fayette, Missouri, for three years followed by two years at Missouri State University, where he received a B.S. Degree from the School of Medicine. From there he went to St. Louis University School of Medicine for two years, where he received his M.D. Degree. He then passed the State Board of Health examination and received his diploma to practice medicine in Missouri. He interned in ST. Mary's Hospital, in St. Mary's Infirmary, and Mt. St. Rose Tuberculosis Sanitorium, all in St. Louis.

He was employed by the Missouri State Board of Health as Infant and Preschool Clinic physician and at times Assistant Director of County Health Departments. While in the State's employ he received a scholarship given by the Rockefeller Foundation. This sent him to Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, for one year.

In 1932 he was appointed Director of Miller County's Health Department, where he still remains. He keeps in touch with the progress of the constructive and preventive type of work ordinarily called "public Health." Dr. Garner is single. He is a member of the Phi Beta Pi Medical Fraternity, the Masonic Lodge, and the American Public Health Association.

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