Tuscumbia, Missouri, Thursday, October 13, 1921


Boys Caught with Goods Confess to Breaking Into Store

Alton Harrison and Eddie Vaughan, whose homes are about 3 miles northeast of here, were taken into custody last week by Sheriff Kinder and are now bound over to circuit court on bond awaiting trial for breaking into D. Helton & Son's store the night of October 2.

After the boys saw they were caught, they produced a number of articles which they took, including three watches, numerous rings, brooches, combs, pocket knives and an assortment of various other things.

According to the boys' story, on the evening when the crime was committed, as they were approaching town they were accosted by a stranger wearing a gray suit and having a "hook nose" who proposed to them that they come to town after night and "get some goods." They consented to this. The Harrison boy cut his finger on the window. He admits going into the building but the other boy says he stayed on the outside. They say that the "mysterious stranger" had a flour sack which he filled with merchandise. They also claim that the tracks in the fresh dirt were made by him and that the barefoot tracks leading to the river which were discovered by the Sheriff were made by him when he went there to wash his feet. They say that while he was at the river they mounted their horses and went home and did not see the stranger again. According to their story he proposed that they all leave for Kansas City where they would dispose of the goods. Whether or not this story is corroborated will be decided later.

The Harrison boy is 17 years old and the Vaughan boy 16, and this is probably their first offense against the laws of the State. This should be a lesson for every boy in the county, and some of the older law-breakers as well. It is sometimes very easy to be persuaded into wrong-doing but it is usually very difficult to get out. Boys remember that such business doesn't pay. Always deal on the square and you will be respected whether you are rich or poor.

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