More on Parsons Murders

Carney Parsons and his wife, Minnie (Strange) Parsons and their three children were murdered in 1906 by Jody Hamilton. They were originally from near Bagnell, Missouri. Jody Hamilton worked as a share cropper with the Parsons and lived with them. The Parsons had a sale of their household goods and were killed for the proceeds of this sale - $150.00.

Mr. Parsons was shot in the leg with a shot gun then beat to death. Mrs. Parsons was killed with a pole axe. The children's throats were cut with their toy knives.

After the family was murdered they were thrown in the Piney River. Someone fishing found their bodies. Hamilton went to church wearing the suit he had taken from Mr. Parsons, also his ring. Announcement was made at Church of the discovery of the slaying. Hamilton left, riding a mule taken from the Parsons family. They followed him, caught him and hung him.

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