about 1889 or 1890

John Moshier and Mrs. Sorter who were bound over last week to the Circuit Court for robbing Uncle Tommy Garner's store at Iberia in December, were taken to the Cole County jail last Thursday morning for safe keeping. Before leaving that morning, Mr. Moshier called at this office and requested that we take his statement of the affair, requesting also that it be published in the paper. He said:

"Mrs. Sorter spoke to me about robbing the store about the last week in November, 1889, but I refused. She kept at me for two or three weeks until finally I consented to go with her and rob the store.

On the night of the 13th day of December we went to the store, but that evening, before going, Mrs. Sorter borrowed a brace and bit from Mr. Grant Thompson, stating that she wanted it to make a 'what-not' stand. We then went to the store and entered the cellar. With the brace and bit she and I bored 40 odd holes in the floor immediately under the counter. Bored the holes so close together that the pieces of plank were easily pushed out. Both of us went up in the store, Mrs. Sorter following me. I took 3 pairs shoes, pair pants, some pocket knives, box and a half of cartridges and a little candy. Mrs. Sorter took 3 women's skirts, several pairs shoes, bolt of lawn, part bolt of blue navy waterproof, some flannel, 2 pieces comfort calico, large lot of ribbon, handkerchiefs, laces, dress trimmings, rubber elastic, four boxes hair pins, four purses, some brown veiling and a large lot of jewelry.

After leaving the store we took the goods to Alfred Arnold's house and secreted them under the floor in a box. We kept them there all the time until about three days before the officers searched the house and placed us under arrest. Mrs. Sorter had used some of the goods before her arrest.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold were absent from home on a visit when we committed the robbery and put the goods under the house."

-John Moshier

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