Thursday, December 23, 1926


Two arrested on Charge of Adultery

Sheriff Frank Burks was called to the Flatwoods country last week on the complaint of people of that community that Alton Harrison and Mrs. Willie Witt were living an old house on the Jim Shackleford farm, without the usual legal process of procuring a divorce on her part, and the securing of a marriage license and the formality of a marriage ceremony on the part of both.

The Sheriff arrived at the house about one o'clock in the morning, and as a light was burning in the house he observed that both were standing in the middle of the room. When he was admitted he found suit cases packed and it was intimated that they had prepared to leave the community.

Harrison is a single man about 20 years of age. Mrs. Witt, who is the mother of four children, and her husband had become estranged. He had three of the children with him, and she had one child with her.

Charges of adultery and lewd and lascivious conduct were brought against them. He was taken to jail at Jefferson City and she was released pending trial. Some time ago Witt was arrested on a charge of non-support of his family, but these charges had been dismissed.

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