By Peggy Smith Hake

From: The Miller County Autogram, dated Thursday, 27 April 1939..............

NOTE: In 1939, much of the Autogram was news coverage from various areas of Miller County (and surrounding counties) provided by "Local Correspondents". These 'newsy' items were of great interest to subscribers of the weekly newspaper, which kept everyone up to date on the happenings in the communities. The following is a list of the local correspondents and their regional news articles:

  • Henley Items by Clara Burns
  • Pleasant Grove by Lillian Graham (Eugene area)
  • Osage Bluffs by Mrs. John Engelbrecht (Cole County)
  • Kaiser Items by Jewell DeGraffenreid
  • Pension Ridge by Mabel Rodden (Brumley area)
  • Honey Springs by Rose Luttrell (west of Iberia)
  • Humphreys Creek by Cleve Thompson (near Old Capps)
  • Wheeler News by Mrs. Willard Clark (western Maries County)
  • Elm Springs by Mrs. J. W. Jones (Bagnell area)
  • Eugene News by Millie Clark
  • Osage Beach News by Elvia Catron
  • Flat Top News by Beatrice Martin (near Maries County)
  • Turkey Creek News by Mildred Leutkemeyer (south of Tuscumbia
  • Ulman News by Jewell Barnett
  • Bagnell News by Betty Jean Quinn
  • St. Elizabeth News by Anton C. Evers
  • Harmony Items by Mrs. Walter Hall (near Tuscumbia)
  • Wilson School News by Mrs. J. B. Wilson (Osage township)
  • Brumley News by Mildred Martin
  • Toronto News by O. W. Howser (Camden Co.)
  • Pisgah News by Mrs. Walter Pierce (south of Tuscumbia)
  • Joe Branch Items by Lucille DeVore (near Brumley)
  • Mt. Pleasant News by Ruth Worthey
  • Marys Home News by J. L. Andres
  • Saline Valley News by Mrs. J. E. Jones (northeast of Tuscumbia)
  • Iberia News by Mrs. Wm. Freeman Jones
  • Central Point News by Mrs. Ralph Blankenship (near Eldon)
  • Ginger Ridge News by Mrs. R. C. Brown (near Tuscumbia)
  • Brazito News by J. R. Sappenfield (Cole County)
  • Victor City News by Hazel Pope (near Bagnell)
  • Klinkenbeard News by Mrs. Janice Colvin (south of Iberia)
  • Cross Road News by Myrtle Alexander (southeast of Iberia near Hancock, Pulaski Co.)
  • Claxby News by Erma Clark (southeast of St. Elizabeth)

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