Jasper Witt and wife, Sarah Jane Thornton Witt

William Jasper Witt, one of I.T. Johnson's assistants on the ferry boat, met with an accident about 3:30 Monday afternoon from which he died about 11 o'clock that night. The ferry boat is rigged with a windlass at either end of the boat for the purpose of heading the boat upstream. When the river is high, as at present, these windlasses are very hard to work, requiring a strong man to handle them.

The accident happened on the south bank of the river during preparations to return to this side. In turning the windlass, the iron handle slipped out of his hand and coming over, struck Mr. Witt almost on the top of his head, crushing his skull fearfully.

He was taken into Johnson's drug store where Dr. McGee dressed the terrible wound. Before this was completed, the injured man became unconscious and remained in that condition until death.

The remains were buried at the Scott Graveyard Wednesday. Mr. Witt leaves a wife and a large family of children.

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