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Welcome to the archives section of the "Progress Notes" of the Miller County Museum and Historical Society website. Since April 2007, President Joe Pryor has been posting a weekly column, keeping the people of Miller County and their descendants appraised of what is happening at the museum and on the history and genealogy of Miller County.

The need for the archives section has been apparent for some time due to the increased following of Joe's column and the sheer number of weekly articles. We hope that you will find this menued section easier to navigate in and access the exceptional articles available over the past three years.

Your link to the current week's "Progress Notes" will always be found on this page or in the first drop-down menu item at the top of this page and your link to return to the main portion of the website will be found in the same dropdown. We hope that you will find the changes to Joe's weekly "Progress Notes" to your liking and much more easy to access. If you are a weekly follower of Joe's "Progress Notes" column, you may wish to bookmark this page in addition to your bookmark for the main Miller County Museum and Historical Society website.


That’s all for now.

Joe Pryor

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